YEAR 1 Artist Focus: Francisco Alarcon Ruiz

7 Oct

In the weeks leading up to our first annual survey exhibition, 5790projects will feature one artist per week until the opening reception for “YEAR 1” at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock on Sunday, November 8 (6:30-8:30pm).

This week’s focus is on interdisciplinary artist, Francisco Alarcon Ruiz.

Francisco comes to art via architecture – and a more subtle position of questioning. He is actively using his training to misuse the tools that are used to design and represent the physical world. Instead of seamless hyperbolic statements, he often creates an awkward space that is elastic, expanding and compressing as he reinterprets the same piece of landscape or structure in dozens of forms.

His practice unfolds in various works: digital, sculptural, mixed media painting, routed and 3D printed, as well as hand poured and sanded with a constant interrogation of the interface between the digitized and the tangible, the virtually mapped and the arduously excavated. His architectural training becomes a kind of exuberant act of deconstruction that eventually blurs the line between hand and machine. Instead of using new technologies to create new kinds of things, Francisco reverse engineers them, thus celebrating errors that creep into the process.

Francisco Alarcon Ruiz (b. 1983 Almeria, Spain) studied Civil Engineering at Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio in Madrid in 2008, and M.Arch from Southern California Institute of Architecture/SCI-Arc in Los Angeles in 2011, where he gaduated with honors winning the Best Thesis Prize. He collaborates with architecture firms such Selgascano, arquitectos, Populous or Xefirotarch. He has exhibited his work in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kansas City, Monterrey, and Granada. Alarcon currently lives and works in Los Angeles and Almeria.



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