TONIGHT: “The Sleep of Reason” at Cypress College Art Gallery

28 Feb

OPENING RECEPTION:TONIGHT, 7-9PM, 9200 Valley View St., Cypress, California 90630

5790projects is very proud to announce “The Sleep of Reason,” a group exhibition in collaboration with Cypress College Art Gallery‘s guest curator series. Featuring eleven contemporary artists from an array of time periods, the exhibition will include paintings, photography, mixed media installations, video, drawing, and sculpture that deal with fear and paranoia in the modern world.

Stemming from an art historical lineage including Goya’s “Los Caprichos” etchings (used as allegories for sociopolitical anxieties in 18th century Spain) or Hokusai’s “One Hundred Tales” (which delve into universal issues of mortality and ethics), this exhibition asserts that fear has always found its visual embodiment through artistic imagery. Relative to a given time, place, and culture, fear portrayed in art serves as compass for the topical environment of the era. In this exhibition, the featured artists articulate prevailing modern terrors though diverse media and technique. Political, social, environmental, and psychological horrors are often personified through phantasmagorical characters – such as Allison Schulnik’s “Hobo Clown,” – or quietly articulated through subtle abstraction, like the haunting photographs of David Maisel. Whether it’s the ghosts of childhood past that plague our adulthood, as seen in Christopher Russell’s work, or Denis Beaubois’ demonstrated paranoia about government surveillance, the contemporary phobias articulated within this exhibition are at once timely and universal in their materialization.

Featuring Work by: Eric Beltz, Denis Beaubois, Heather Cantrell, Llyn Foulkes, David Maisel, Maquette, Christian Marclay, Raymond Pettibon, Colin Roberts, Christopher Russell, and Allison Schulnik



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