Zero Down Artist Focus: Andrea Breiling, Patricia Burns and Crystal Erlendson

22 May

Leading up to Zero Down‘s opening reception on June 1 (6-8pm) at 1019 West, we will feature one artist in the show every few days on this blog. Today’s focus are artists Andrea Breiling, Patricia Burns, and Crystal Erlendson, who will stage a collaborative performance.

The three artists met while studying at Claremont Graduate University (Burns and Erlendson recently completed their MFAs at Claremont, while Breiling continues to pursue her MFA there). All three women have strong individual practices and collaborate from time to time in order to experiment beyond their own individual boundaries as studio and performance artists. For Zero Down they will birth new mythical identities for themselves in the latest iteration of their collaborative performance piece, If you want me you can find me in the garden (2013). Working from gender theorist, Judith Butler’s position regarding the notion of gender performativity – as discussed in her book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity (1990) – the artists will perform rituals that are gender bending and confuse the institutional normalizations that are expected of specific labels such as female or male. The performance will re-imagine and continue the cyclical principle of transformation—namely birth and re-birth in the spiritual, bodily and abstract realms. While this birth will be a poetic parody of gender paradigms, it will also be a serious reflection on performing gender through one’s relationship with others.



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