Zero Down Artist Focus: Nuttaphol Ma

15 May

Leading up to Zero Down‘s opening reception on June 1 (6-8pm) at 1019 West, we will feature one artist in the show every few days on this blog. Today’s focus is Nuttaphol Ma.

Marking his second performance at 1019 West, Ma will present a video projection of a previously staged work, “The Shit Pipe Explosion @ The China Outpost,” originally performed on February 10, 2012. Epitomizing the artist’s interest in exploring critical thoughts, attitudes, and assumptions about immigration, this work documents Ma’s self-imposed sweatshop housed in the basement of a downtown L.A.  gallery. As a result of backed up sewage water, Ma was told that the ground of his sweatshop would have to be jackhammered up – presenting an realistically plausible obstacle that many immigrant workers would experience in their day to day lives. In response to this, and as an illustration of the demanding environments and expectations endured by migrant workers, Ma divided the space in half and continued operations as the construction took place. Using his interdisciplinary techniques to stage interventions and encounters, Ma uses himself as a vehicle for dialogue about struggle, personal space, karma, rebirth, morality, and freedom – embracing contemporary modes of exchange first supported by his relational predecessors.

Thai-born Ma is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He has shown as such institutions as the 18th Street Art Center, the Armory Center for the Arts, Pitzer College Lenzner Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall, and others. He is the recipient of several awards and grants, including the California Community Foundation Irvine Fellowship, and the Feitelson Art Fellowship.



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