Zero Down Artist Focus: Christy Roberts

7 May

Leading up to Zero Down‘s opening reception on June 1 (6-8pm) at 1019 West, we will feature one artist in the show every few days on this blog. Today’s focus is Christy Roberts.

Focusing on the binaries of private vs. public and the accessibility vs. limitations of agency, Christy Roberts is an artist of many guises. Roberts addresses performance within popular culture and adds a critical twist: whether it’s turning an art gallery into a ice skating rink,  or staging a feminist glue-wrestling championship, Roberts embodies all the gusto that we would expect from any female superhero. Yet despite this dramatic staging, Roberts maintains an analytical perspective on such heroics. For Zero Down, she will perform “Upward Mobility” (2013), in which the artist will use climbing equipment to scale the 1019 West building while outfitted in a token “little black dress” and heels. Her performance will be an exploration of her interest in the private and public spheres as well as ideas about the nature of the art market, celebrity, and feminism as exotic commodity.

Performance Still

Performance Still


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