Zero Down Artist Focus: Lenae Day

4 May

Leading up to Zero Down‘s opening reception on June 1 (6-8pm) at 1019 West, we will feature one artist in the show every few days on this blog. Up first is Lenae Day.

If you’re a female self-portraitist with a collection of wigs, chances are that you will inevitably be compared to Cindy Sherman. Lenae Day (b. 1986, Berlin), however, takes Sherman’s penchant for dramatized caricature and proliferates it into a full-fledge production. Reinterpreting advertisements, feature stories, and photojournalism from LIFE Magazine during the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Day crafts satirical mise en scénes for which she makes the props, sets, costumes, dances, and storylines. Day is a one-woman show with a proclivity for parody both behind and in front of the camera. For Zero Down, she will perform a durational piece related to a 1940s article about a dancing, bikini-clad woman that takes exhibitionism to a new level in her backyard. In assuming the role of this real-life character, Day will stage her interest in modern voyeurism in her own mock-yard. This performance will exemplify her interest in fabricated and factual histories as she tenaciously seeks her own.

"Day Magazine"

“Day Magazine”


One Response to “Zero Down Artist Focus: Lenae Day”

  1. AC May 31, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Really great design. I love the LIFE Magazine reference and the fact that there are two figures in the frame.

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