5790projects Presents: “Zero Down: A Performance Art Group Exhibition and Open Studios”

1 May

5790projects is thrilled to announce its second quarterly pop-up group exhibition for 2013, “Zero Down,” featuring eight LA-based performance artists in a one-night exhibition on Saturday, June 1, from 6-8pm. Concurrently, more than twenty artist studios in the 1019 West building will be exclusively open for viewing during the opening’s hours.

First built in 1950s as a Volkswagon dealership, the formerly commercial venue inspired this curatorial partnership to curate a sensory evaluation of the way in which art is impacted by commerce. As art is increasingly viewed in mercenary, fiscal, and commodified ways, does conceptualism risk eradication? In a departure from 5790projects’ previous group exhibitions, the partnership has dedicated this show exclusively to performance artists in order to address this quandary, providing a platform upon which these issues can literally be played out. Whether it’s Lenae Day‘s uninhibited investigation of exhibitionism, or Christy Roberts‘ evaluation of the private versus public sphere, each artist will stage a presentation of contemporary art’s most fiscally provocative form. Here, the viewer will be challenged to consume ephemeral works in unanticipated ways – be it the social interventions of Allison Wyper, or the environmental crafting of Nuttaphol Ma. Moreover, each artist will exhibit a unique relationship with the art marketplace that addresses the increasing fluidity between disparate practices, such as Chris Silva‘s reconstitution of popular games and physical endurance. As contemporary art finds both obstacle and opportunity through the evolving channels of technology, media, and business, a collaboration between Patricia Burns, Andrea Breiling, and Crystal Erlendson personifies the delicate navigation that must take place in order to sustain diversity in art-making.

Leading up to the exhibition, we will post more in-depth information about each artist and their upcoming performance. In the meantime – mark your calendars for this one-night mega-event on Saturday, June 1, from 6-8pm!


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