Christoper Davison

18 Jun

5790projects is pleased to announce the addition of Christopher Davison to the exhibition schedule for late February 2012. Christopher will also be exhibiting this September at PULSE LA with Mark Moore Gallery along with gallery artists Feodor Voronov and Ali Smith. Check out the image of Christopher’s work below.

Mining the subconscious for evocative imagery, Christopher Davison meanders through garish dreamscapes rife with fantasy, phantasmagoria and myth. He seamlessly entwines delicate ink lines with pools of dense gouache to create compositions versed in both printmaking and painting; a hazy ambiguity also articulated through his sundry figuration. Fragments of primitivism, realism and absurdism are wed in a visual stream of consciousness that spans the graphic surrealism of Odilon Redon and the playful non sequiturs of Max Ernst. In exploring the sublime depths of the latent mind, Davison demonstrates a contemporary mastery of synesthesia that grapples with intrinsic desire, terror, hope and lust in its most primal forms – a Rimbaudian narrative that celebrates the nonsensical allure of human psychology and mortality.

Davison received his MFA in printmaking from the Tyler School of Art (PA). He has been included in exhibitions in New York, Miami, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Boston, Rome, Los Angeles and Brussels. His work can be seen in the public collections of the Rose Art Museum (MA), University of Alabama (AL)

Shrouded Figure, 2010 ink and acrylic on paper 14.5 x 9.75 inches


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